One dead hermit crab makes for one very sad 8-year-old

It sounds like the name to a bad song, “Dead Hermit Crab,” right?

So right after Nate got off the bus yesterday, I was futzing around in the kitchen when something made me look over at “Hermie,” Nate’s Hermit Crab.  I realized he had died and his little shell-less body was laying in his orange water dish.

(Yup, that’s him over to the right in the picture.  Of course I had to snap one because I’m a blogger and that’s what we do.)

As Nate had just sat down to do his homework, I froze.  I didn’t want to announce Hermie’s demise just yet.

I fretted over how to handle it and waited until hubby came home from work. I debated getting rid of the body and the cage before telling Nate then realized I just wanted to be honest about it.  Before bedtime, hubby and I told Nate that Hermie had died.  He ran over to the cage, looked in and seemed to take the news in stride.

Until about ten minutes later when the tears started.  And didn’t stop until he proceeded to cry himself to sleep over an hour and a half past bedtime.

“Hermie was special, Mom,”  “he was the very first pet that was mine,” and “I’m so sad!” were all tear-jerkers that came out of his mouth during his bawling session.  It just broke my heart.

Nate asked that we please save his favorite shell and we’ll be having a burial service tonight.  He’ll be buried next to “Mousie” (uninvited pet mouse from our garage last year) and some other empty lots that will undoubtedly end up be resting spaces for future pets.  Although after last night’s reaction, I can handle watching my kids mourn over any more pets….

RIP Hermie Wingerd 2011-2012.


  1. SO different than a pet death here in our house. I mean, we do burials and all. But for the most part they’re all “let’s go get another” and by the time we’re in the car on our way to the store to buy another Hermit Crab they’re asking if we can go get Beyblades instead.

    • I wish he reacted a little less seriously like that! But as you know, I’m a bit of a nut with my pets so I’m not surprised he was attached to the little guy 😮 I’m sure he’ll want another one eventually (if not later today haha) but for now we’re just mourning Hermie’s passing.

  2. awwwh. poor Natie. and poor Hermie- I am sure Hermie(very original name, btw) is in hermit crab heaven.
    Natie knows we buried Legobatman and had a little service for him too. You’re right though, we may run out of burial plots. . . .

  3. Nate is compassionate…a wonderful way to be!!! I’m sure Hermie and Mitsy are already best friends!!!

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