Today is day two of my “reset.”  I’m very lightly doing a juice cleanse detox using Evolution Fresh juices I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.  I am not following any specific plan other than to eat way healthier, lightly and to try and reboot myself from some of my bad eating habits that I’ve picked up over the last couple of months.

Here’s how yesterday went.  I woke up hungry. I had semi-started the day before by eating a really light dinner.  I had a bowl of butternut squash soup from Whole Foods.  It was delicious, organic and seemed healthy enough that I decided I as might as well jump right in to my fresh start. Who says that morning needs to be the start of a diet?

So dinner was light that day before and I had a heavy workout at an evening Body Combat class after I ate my soup so I wasn’t surprised to wake up hungry.  I’m definitely going to moderate my working out and my calorie intake – I do workout regularly and don’t want to lack any proteins or nutrition I need to continue my workouts.

I walked sadly past my Keurig when I got downstairs at 7:30.  I wasn’t looking forward to my first juice but eventually dove in.  I had read a lot of people starting with one of the heartier green juices but I went with one in the middle – the Coconut Water & Greens.  It wasn’t bad!  I was very light and heavy on the cucumber taste.  Overall, I found it pretty refreshing for a green juice.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.55.59 PM

I also made my kids a broccoli & cheese omelette as well as a bagel with fresh whipped cream cheese.  I wouldn’t even normally want to touch that stuff in the morning so I think it was psychosomatic that I was feeling hungry and wanting to eat some.  {When I’m not cleansing, I have a Lemon Luna Bar and a coffee every morning for breakfast and have been doing that for years.}

We headed to the gym so I could take a mid-morning Step class.  At the pool at lunch, I tried the Defense Up juice which has mango, pineapple, orange, apple and cherry.  It was tasty but pretty sweet even for me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.05.28 PM

The kids were munching on greasy chicken fingers from the pool bar. Mmm. So mean.

At home mid-afternoon, I went with the Essential Greens with Lime juice.  It’s made up of celery, spinach, romaine, kale, lime and parsley.  I had to hold my nose to drink a lot of it and still couldn’t get it all down.  I should note that I am really not a greens person and this one is definitely one of the heartier ones and probably one of the healthiest.  I could hear my taste buds screaming, “what the hell is this nonsense, Whitney?”


I’m gonna be honest, I really had to force it down. I did not love it but I knew this one packed a punch nutrition wise and while it was ironically the lowest calorie wise so far, I knew it would be filling.

At this point, I had also decided I would go with a light dinner. I plan on working out again today so I wanted some calories. I went with this Quinoa salad I picked up at Whole Foods. It had some chickpeas, cilantro and peppers in it. I added one block of seasoned tofu from Trader Joe’s.


It was all really good and after reading labels, I determined it was only a 300 calorie dinner, yet I felt totally sated and full! In fact, I was going to have another juice for “dessert” later in the evening but I still felt so full that I decided to forego. Hopefully that won’t bite me in the ass today because when I finished with all of my calorie counting for the day, I realized I only had about 820 calories. I know it’s low. But that’s part of the point – I certainly won’t do this long term on a diet or lifestyle change but every now and then I do believe it’s good to shake it up and give my stomach a break.

Day 2 today. Planning on doing similar juices all day and I’ll see what the evening brings. I may go juice all day or do another light dinner. We’ll see. Labor Day Weekend is also going to prove to be a challenge.

Lastly I wanted to note something interesting I found while researching yesterday. Apparently Evolution Fresh was recently bought by Starbucks. (!) So these bottles may or may not look familiar to you because you can get some of them at your local Starbucks.

Honestly, that threw me a little because I have this whole “well if it’s mass-produced, it can’t be THAT good, right?” attitude about it. And also, while the juices are apparently raw, they aren’t 100% organic so there’s that too. That explains the price difference I suppose between these juices and the BluePrint Cleanse. Still. I know this is way healthier than what I’ve been eating so I’m plugging away.

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