Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ever take a trip with a baby or a toddler and have to haul a suitcase full of diapers? I’ve done that several times and have resented how much room they’ve taken up. I wish I had known about DiaperBuds! They’re individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable diapers — why didn’t someone think of this before!!  Just open the plastic package and it “blooms” into a regular size diaper. It’s so compact that you can actually stash it in a pocket and is perfect for trips or when you’re on the go with your child! Sizes offered are 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I was pleasantly surprised at how absorbent the diapers were. I was expecting them to be similar to a store brand, but the diapers were similar to a premium brand. While they were a little on the expensive size- a large bag of 24 diaperbuds costs $18.99, they aren’t meant to be used everyday. Use them only for travel or when you are out of the house with your child (and you don’t feel like taking a packed diaper bag).

DiaperBuds is running a trial promotion right now: Pay $1, get two DiaperBuds to try.

Thank you to DiaperBuds for providing a product sample for review purposes.


  1. Wow, and to think there are folks in there thirties who wore the first disposable diapers!

  2. Amend that…. folks in their mid forties wore the first disposable diapers, unless you were the grandkids of the inventor, according to

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