I’m really not a big fan of having a specific New Years Resolution.  I used to set them – it would be the same one pretty much through my entire twenties.  Go on a diet, lose weight, exercise.  I mean, come on – sooooo original, right?

And of course because I was in my twenties, I’d wake up hungover New Years morning and get discouraged when I already had to blow it day one on some greasy brunch at noon after I rolled out of bed.  (Okay really this was my early twenties, but still, you guys get the picture & I’m sure you’ve all been there at some point in your life.)

So a few years ago, I stopped with the resolutions.  Because it’s not about having that one month change – it’s about a year around healthy and happy lifestyle.  (Or having a cool to-do or bucket list for the year.  Like, “visit Zimbabwe” or something.  Neat.  But the whole, “hey, it’s a New Year and I’m gonna starve myself and lose 20 pounds in a month!, just doesn’t work)

Rather than talking about the unobtainable resolutions, I  thought I’d give you a little round-up of some great products and services I reviewed in 2012 that have to do with eating right, exercising and getting generally healthier that are great for a year round change.

But hey, if January 1st is what it takes for just one person to change their life to a better and healthier new way, then more power to the resolution.

Some healthy diet, fitness and eating right services and options from Mommies with Style reviews in 2012 include:

Gaiam TV – stream online workouts from your house!  Groovy!

The Fresh Diet – fresh cooked meals, delivered to your doorstep each morning when you wake up. Catered towards your own specific weight loss and food needs. Amazing!

Workout DVD reviews from Jillian Michaels and Jane Fonda

My Fitness Pal. My all time favorite app, website and way of chronicling all I eat and weigh. I have 3 years worth of my weight and fitness regime now in here!

Emeals.com – online meal planning that will help you get organized, eat healthy and lose weight if that’s what you want. Select from a variety of weekly meal plans including low-fat, gluten-free and more.


  1. Loosing weight and exercising are about life changes. You have to be prepared to change your life. These are habits that must be adopted – not just in January. You must continue going to the gym/exercising and eating right- even when you have already obtained your goal. You must hold fast to your convictions and believe in yourself.

    I always found that if I wasn’t ready to make the life change, then things would not work out. I would gain the weight back, or it would be difficult to loose.

  2. LOVE my fitness pal!

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