I posted a bit this morning about my experience yesterday with Sofia Vergara in New York City and I already have some of the video footage to share. Hooray!  I had so much fun interviewing Sofia with my good friend Audrey from Mom Generations.

So Sofia is the spokesperson for Diet Pepsi and their current campaign revolves around a study they recently conducted.

Basically 72% of women want to have more fun in their lives. Right? Woohoo! As Sofia says, “Women are a little thirsty for extra fun in their lives!” Others want more flair (new shoes, a cool new purse, etc). To combine the results, Diet Pepsi has launched the Sip in Style Sweepstakes.

Now through September 22, Diet Pepsi fans can enter for the chance to win prizes big and small at www.DietPepsi.com. From lipsticks and refreshing fizz to a once in a lifetime fun-filled experience, including a wardrobe makeover by Sofia Vergara’s personal stylist along with a $1,000 shopping spree in New York City, the opportunities for fun, fizz and flair abound at DietPepsi.com.

Here is the video – so fun, right?

For more information on the Sip in Style Sweepstakes, fun seekers can visitDietPepsi.com,Facebook.com/DietPepsi or Tweet Diet Pepsi on Twitter@dietpepsi #fizz.



  1. Love the photo of you and Sofia. Video is cute too! Awesome day. xo

  2. So great!

  3. what an experience! you look terrific. . that color and style dress on you is perfect. . .

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