dillon I have a small collection of jewelry. Beloved, but small. I am picky. My pieces tend to be very high quality, highly sentimental and very personal. I choose very very carefully, as the type of jewelry I love, is the type I will still want to wear in ten years.

This is totally the case with Dillon Rogers jewelry. The pieces are classic, clean and beautifully chic. Small details like tiny crystals on a necklace or a semi precious stone bead that dangles from a leather cuff, stand out and set the pieces apart from imitations. It’s easy to see why they are a celebrity favorite and frequently featured in magazines.

My favorite pieces from the collection are the personalized leather bracelets and silver stamped charm necklaces. I love the inspirational wraparound bracelets as well but the personalized ones are more meaningful to me, and a strange source of strength. On a recent flight (I don’t fly well) I swear I was comforted by the circle of my children’s names around my wrist. It gave me courage, and calmed me.

If you are considering a personalized jewelry gift for yourself or others, I highly recommend these. You’ll enjoy creating your gift and making it even more personal on the Dillon Rogers site which gives you hundreds of ways to combine your choice of fonts, colors, and designs. Your piece will be one of a kind, and cherished forever.


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