dillydally My kids opened my Bibbie package and expressed that we received a smock. Well… sort of. The Bibbie by Dilly Dally is meant to be a bib. A very well covering bib, stylish and quilted bib. It goes on over the head and covers not just the typical bib area under the chin, but the sides and back as well. So that no matter how messy your little eater, she’s covered.

But, the boys wanted to know, isn’t it (can’t it be?) a smock? Well, of course it can. A bib, a smock, an apron, the Bibbie’s purpose is to cover and keep the unders clean. And you just toss it in the wash, so its easy to clean and to keep your kiddos clean. As a point of reference, I was sent a size small to test. I tried it on my three-year-old, and while I was able to tie it in the back, it was too tight for him. I imagine it would fit a toddler and younger preschooler very well, and a larger size would certainly be a great smock size for my 3-year-old.

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  1. Rachel B. says

    It seems the link to Dilly Dally is wrong on this post.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Its fixed now. http://www.dillydallychic.com/index.cfm

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