Little Little is eatting big time. The teeny tiny one has been reaching out for foods for weeks and she can finally join in on the fun. And she just loves it.

plum Plum Organics : My friend was shocked the other day when I told her I taste baby food. Of course, I was just as shocked that she didn’t. So, apparently, I’m quite the baby food connoisseur as I’ve now tried several brand (in addition to my own, homemade baby food). Point being, Plum Organic baby and toddler foods are actually yummy. As in, if I was going to be the baby food eater, I’d be asking for Plum rather than others. Their new Just line of fruits taste wholesome and rich, the flavor really jumps out of the taste. And I’ve noticed that while she’s not being too picky, she’s definitely responding to their foods. I also love Plum Organic’s easy to use and reuse packaging. The resealable packaging vacuums in what is left in the package as it squirts out onto the spoon or into the bowl, so that you aren’t mixing in bacterias and making any uneatten remainder uneatable. Apparently, more flavors are coming soon to the Just line, and I’m really hoping some of those flavors will be veggies. Plum Organics offers a Tots line that includes mixes of vegetables and fruits and Little (and I) will be tasting those soon, too.

babydipper The Huz and I decided that the Baby Dipper Bowl is another one of those lightbulb moments. You know, the one where a lightbulb goes off in your head because you thought of this great idea. Except this wasn’t our idea. This was the brilliant idea of Barbara Schantz, mom of 2 sets of twins. The Huz loves the Baby Dipper because of the friction it provides.  The bottom is a rubber that makes it very difficult to easily slide across a surface. Additionally, its thicker around the sides and the shape is hard for a baby to grip, so babies aren’t likely to pick up this bowl and toss it. (yay!) My favorite innovation about this bowl is the slope: it slopes down in one corner so that I don’t have to tilt the bowl to pick up food in the spoon. Its one of those simple things that no one else thought of.

Thanks to Baby Dipper and Plum Organics for the samples for review.

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