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We left our house at 6 am to make it to downtown Philadelphia and get to the start line with plenty of time for our race last weekend.  But one of the things I was really nervous about was parking. With thousands of people pouring into the city to park and run, and at a crazy early hour when not every parking garage was open, I was anxious about where we could go.

I was Googling parking garages in the area and stumbled upon  You can search for a parking garage in most major cities and buy yourself a space before you go!  Once purchased, spaces are reserved so you don’t have to worry about getting somewhere and not having a space.

Even better, there seem to be plenty of coupon codes online.  I found one on for $5 off and ended up paying a total of $6 for parking ALL DAY at our lot in Center City Philly which is pretty much a steal.

The site is and let me know what you think!  I used a friend referral code with the link, I get a small credit if you sign up – if you do, use your own referral code to get more friends signing up!  AND if that doesn’t work, use my code “whitneywin” to get $5 off!

By the way, I used the website but there’s an app too!

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