So we hit such a momentous milestone over the past weekend, I had to blog about it. My three year old, Nate, potty trained! I can’t say he’s 100% there but within a weekend I’d say he was about 80% trained which to me, seems HUGE. Previously he’d kick and scream and adamantly refuse to even go near the potty. Given that he’s over three and looks six (he’s a big boy!), I was getting to the point where I’d be embarrassed when we were out in public and I changed him.
I’ll fully admit, I went into the weekend not completely committed. But I thought we’d at least give it a shot and see where we got. Saturday morning, we woke up and told him that the diapers were coming off and that he’d be putting on big boy underwear. I pulled out the Disney underwear I had been saving up and showed it to him. He was so excited to try them on! And by the end of the weekend, we were having very little accidents.
Okay so it’s only day five but he’s doing wonderfully! As far as products go, we haven’t been using much other than the Disney underwear – which by the way is fantastic quality and currently on sale. (7 day pack 50% off – now $12.99 – that’s a GREAT deal.) In addition, Disney has a two day sale going on in honor of Valentine’s Day. Use coupon code VALENTINE for 20% off your order on this and other items on the Disney site, expires end of the day today. I’m ordering a bunch in a bigger size for later because you can’t really find a better deal.

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