My kids would be just as happy watching the Nature Channel as they would be cartoons so I love that Disney has a studio dedicated to bringing us movies about the amazing world around us and my kids love them too.

Releasing tomorrow (October 19, 2010) from Disneynature – the same studio who brought you Disneynature earth – comes Disneynature Oceans and Disneynature the Crimson Wing.

Disneynature Oceans is $18.49 on Amazonwith free shipping.

Disneynature:  Crimson Wing – Mystery of Flamingo tells the story of flamingos.  Interesting facts like the fact that flamingos are actually black and white naturally but only turn pink due to their algae diet.  Did you know that?

The flamingos followed are from Africa – northern Tanzania to be precise – and the footage is breathtaking.  Get it for $19.99 on Amazon with free shipping. (currently 33% off!)

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