Today’s Pinspiration was definitely something that inspired me but ended up in a big ol’ Pinterest fail.  If you’ve clicked over thinking you’re going to see some cool DIY headbands, they are NOT done my me as you’ll see my epic failure on today’s post.

I was going to try and do something else last minute and then I thought, hey, might as well be honest and get a laugh out of this one.  Not every Pinterest attempt is going to turn out perfectly and look like the pretty Pinterest picture.

So the pin that inspired me is still really cool.

Take a couple of scraps of cool fabric, braid them and turn them into a nifty headband – seems pretty easy, right? I should have stopped at “DIY,” as I’ll admit I’m not really one to do it yourself. Ever.  But I really thought I could do this one.

I used this fabric I received from Neutrogena for a cool post that’s coming (stay tuned!)  It’s intended to be a piece you use to pull your hair back to wipe makeup off.  It didn’t really fit my head or hair but I thought the fabric & colors were awesome, so hey, why not turn it into a headband that worked for me!

20140324-183852.jpg I cut it up into a few stripes I could braid like the girl in my Pinspiration:

20140324-183910.jpg Tied the one end to prepare to braid it:

20140324-183919.jpg Braided it:

20140324-183926.jpg And then I put it in my hair.  But I had to stretch it so much to tie it at the bottom that it lost the cool braid look.  Epic fail.


Silver lining, my Pinterest fail is now a cat toy (he loves it!)  Who knew.  Think it’s pinnable as a cat toy?:

Here are some much better DIY Headband ideas and tutorials and next week I’ll stick to something that isn’t DIY if I know what’s good for me!

DIY Sporty Headband

DIY Sailor Knot Headband (the one I tried to copy)

T-Shirt DIY Headbands

DIY Braided T-Shirt Headband


  1. You know, i think the headband still looks tres spiffy and scooby-do even though it may not have a ‘braided’ look. . .colors are so nice! With that said, being a ‘cat ‘person, I am pleased that your handsome kitty is enjoying his new ‘toy’!

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