dl19612 It all began a few months back when I was shopping online at Bloomingdales and started to search for new jeans. Since most of my jeans had bagged and sagged out, they didn’t look good on me anymore and it was time to find new ones. I found all of the usual premium brand suspects, but I did happen to spot a new brand Bloomies was showcasing. I called all of my friends to ask them if they had heard of this mysterious new jean brand called DL1961 Premium Denim. I wanted to know if anyone knew if the jeans would stretch out after being worn. This would determine whether I needed to size down or not. No one had heard of the brand, but, everyone was extremely intrigued when I told them that the jeans are exclusively manufactured with XFIT LYCRA, the latest revolution in stretch denim. XFIT LYCRA is a patented, cross-weave technology which stretches in both wrap and weft, providing a 4-way stretch that moves 360 degrees and delivers superior shape retention, fit and comfort. The jeans sounded amazing and everyone agreed I should try them out. Since I didn’t know which way to go on the sizing, I ended up buying two different sizes.

When I received the two pairs, I couldn’t wait to try them on to see what this new XFIT LYCRA was all about! The smaller pair fit a little tight and the pair that was my current size fit perfectly. They did fit and feel amazing and was unlike any other jean I had. I couldn’t decide which size to keep and decided to e-mail the company. Someone wrote me back immediately and said that because of their special XFIT LYCRA that I should stick with my current size because she promised that they would not stretch out like my other designer jeans. Unlike traditional stretch denim found in most other premium denim brands (which sags and loses its shape after wear), DL1961 jeans feel like they are custom made for you, and are extremely comfortable and flattering. The XFIT LYCRA, aka T400 is the reason why. Their jeans contain a minimum of 27% XFIT content, while other jeans contain about 3%. It really makes a difference, because the jeans hug your body, and they last for a very long time!

I was so impressed with their fabulous look and feel that I started raving to my friends which included Jen from MWS! One friend bought the smaller size pair from me as soon as she put them on. Jen wanted to try them on as soon as she could! She came over and could not believe how amazing they looked and felt. She was super impressed just like I was! The 4-way stretch of the denim doesn’t allow a gap to emerge between your waist and the jean, sag out around the butt area, or leave you with a muffin top! The XFIT morphs around your body and hugs you in all of the right places! What a dream!  Jen and I were so excited to try more styles. We each got to try out three of the 90 styles they carry. They were the Tory (slim straight leg), Jennifer (high-rise boot-cut), and Grace (high-rise slim straight leg) styles in fabulous Ios wash (dark denim). It was a bit of a fashion show as we excitedly tried on one pair after another, thrilled at the look, style and fit of each and every pair! We tried and tested out the jeans over a few weeks to see how well they looked and held up as well. When friends and family caught us in our DL1961’s, they too, thought the jeans were awesome and wanted some for themselves! They made us feel and look so sexy!

Our Findings:
– Our DL1961’s did not fade, stretch, lose their shape or style after multiple wearings! They can be worn up to 3 times before washing them (less laundry to do!!!) without the jeans sagging out or bagging in inappropriate places. Once you wash them, they are restored to their normal shape.
– We got MANY compliments and questions regarding our jeans about the fabulous sexy fit and style
– The jeans are extremely comfortable and have a great “thickness” for any season
– The straight leg and skinny styles looked extremely slimming and chic, paired great with flats or heels
– The boot-leg style looked classic and very put-together

dl19613 DL 1961 jeans are perfect for all Moms because they are flattering on many different shapes and body types. Some rises are higher than others, which is great when you are sitting down on the floor with your child and you don’t want your underwear exposed. Most importantly, you can enjoy the time with your kids, without being self conscious! You can run around all day and night in these jeans! They provide a comfort and stretch capability that you simply cannot find anywhere else on the market.

We highly recommend that you try these awesome jeans out for yourself and join the likes of Halle Berry, Blake Lively and Rose McGowan (oh, and us!) in experiencing why these are not your typical designer jeans. Trust us, your friends will be dying to know where to get a pair!

Browse and purchase online at DL1961’s site – and don’t worry if you are unsure of fit. DL1961 will be happy to work with you to find the best pair or will return your purchase for full credit should they not fit. But we’re sure you’ll be able to find a style that you love!

Want to win a pair of these incredible DL1961 Premium Denim? Let us know whether you are a Grace or Jennifer gal and why in the comment section in this post. You’ll then be entered to win your choice of either the Grace style #1162 or the Jennifer style#1164 in sizes 24-32. The Giveaway will run until June 10th when one winner will be selected at random and will have 24 hours to respond to our e-mail.

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