Just in time for the holidays, Fat Brain Toys has released Dado Squares. These semi-architechtural building toys, like their cousins Dado Cubes, are addictively playable for kids aged 3 to 103. My son had to wrassle my husband to the ground for a shot at building his own spaceship. They collaborated on the matching space station.
What I like almost as much as the freeform fun of building with Dado Squares, is the ease of which they stack so nicely into a neat little cube shaped case. This means that they are very easy for your kids to put away by themselves. And they are delightfully portable. We’ve brought our Dado Squares to restaurants, doctor’s appointments, and friends houses.
Each set contains 35 multi-colored 3 inch squares and retail for $19.95.
If you or your child’s grandparents are looking for a place to buy building toys for your kids, Fat Brain toys is the perfect destination. In addition to Dado Squares and Dado Cubes, check out their selection of Wedgits, Erector Sets, Original ABC Nursery Blocks, and Lincoln Logs.

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