I love to get my nails done. But when I was pregnant, I was constantly concerned about the smells when I walked in to the nail salon, the chemicals in the products used, and the risk to me and my unborn son. And after giving birth, I noticed a sensitivity to nail polish in general and stopped getting my nails done all-together.
Recently, though, I was introduced to a line of nail polish called Nubar that has no formaldehyde, DBT, and toluene in it (harsh chemicals that can’t be good for you or your kids.) The line has every color imaginable (new and trendy colors, tons of French manicure colors, etc) as well as top coats, base coats, and more.
After getting my nails done this past weekend with only Nubar polishes (I tried the French manicure Ooh La La set), seeing how nice they look on my nails, how well they hold up, and how they are just like your “regular” nail polishes, I never plan on using anything else. Join me and eliminate chemical-laden nail polish and start enjoying healthier, formaldehyde –free manicures with Nubar nail polish!

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