I’ve just gotten what has got to be my favorite luggage… EVER. It’s made by Zuca and is an OCD packer’s dream.

I should back up and explain that I am one of those types that starts making packing lists before the ticket is booked. I have been know to spend hours online finding the perfect TSA approved cosmetics pouch. I don’t just wring my hands about the content of the bag. The bag itself gets me in dither. Not anymore. I’m not going anywhere without a Zuca.
What’s so excellent about these Zuca bags, you ask?
1. You can sit on them. Pretty comfortably. Not like you’d perch on a normal suitcase, praying it did not collapse. These suitcases are meant to be sat on. If you’ve ever been delayed in Bangalore or stood in a long line in Seattle, you’ll appreciate the idea of bringing your own seat.
2. They are custom-izeable. Choose your Sport Bag frame, then choose your fabric. The kids can keep Build a Bear. I love build a bag! My girls are so in love with their custom pink sports bag. My jealous four year old son ran through the house for with the bag for hours, just to watch the lightshow compliments of the lighted flashing wheels – they really do put on a show! The sport bag is an awesome choice for a sports/gym bag, for short trips or for kids. It is also a fabulous work/school bag, easily outfitted as a mobile office or trade show warrior’s lifesaver. Two sets of wheels make this bag easy to lug up stairs.
3. Zuca bags are incredibly organized. The Pro Bag comes with packing inserts and suggestions how to pack just about everything. No more losing stuff in your bags. No more wrinkles. No more obsessing over cosmetics cases or where to stash a wet swimsuit.
4. This bag is made to last. Take it around the globe a few times. It will be happy. You will be happy. It will still be in great shape.
We’ve made a commitment this year to only give gifts that we feel are a good value, long lasting and high quality. Items that will be the reciepients companion for years to come. I think these rolling bags from Zuca pass the test easily. Now to order one for my husband quickly. Before he steals mine!
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  1. ok that bag is AWESOME ciaran, i may have to get one.

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