bottle.jpgWe all know the game that our children love playing while sitting in their stroller, car seat or highchair. You’re familiar with the drop and pick-up game, right? The game where your child is constantly dropping his or her bottle, sippy or toy just to get you to pick it up over and over again! After you pick it up you give it back to them just so they can start the game once more! When the bottle falls onto a public street or on the mall floor it is so unsanitary. It is also rough on the back when you have to constantly bend over again and again to keep participating in this not-so-fun game. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child could play the game themselves and you didn’t have to worry about germs and backaches? The Bottle Tamer is the perfect solution that will keep your baby from dropping or throwing their bottle to the ground.
highchair.jpgThe Bottle Tamer is an adjustable strap that conveniently secures your child’s bottle, sippy cup, or favorite toy to a number of locations, so when your child drops or throws their bottle it never touches the ground. It just hangs there with the strap attached to whatever they are sitting in. The webbing material the strap is made of is durable and washable. It’s just the right length for drinking while sitting or lying down. The Bottle Tamer is ideal for the stroller, car seat, shopping cart or high chair and is in a child’s reach at all times – how convenient for you and your child! So when your child drops their bottle or toy, they can pick it back up again all by themselves – yeah!!
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