smartgirlsbag It may seem like you can ease up on the sun screen, as the days grow shorter and the kids head back to school, but now is not the time to skimp. Cali girls like me know that using a great sunscreen is a year round affair. Perhaps this is why a fellow OC Mom developed the “Smart Girls Who Surf” line of Sunscreen and Products.

We’ve been living at the beach this summer and I am so glad that I discovered this line, truly through serendipity. After having several pals recommend it to me, I was at a girl’s night out and won the doorprize! A basket of these great products. I felt like I had hit the jackpot, first because I never win anything, and second because it really was all that. I just knew I’d have to write about it!

All the products in this line are just so nice to apply, and I love that it is all natural and free of many of the additives and ingredients that drugstore sunscreens contain. We’ve had as much trouble with allergic reactions to some of those as we have with sunburns!

Smart Girls Who Surf products look, smell and feel great and are designed for women surfers so their performance is really put to the test. For a beachgoing mom like myself who’s not in the water all day, they are more than spectacular. I do love that they seem to last a long time on my kids, even when they play in the water for ages. This sunscreen is also perfect for the playground and playing field. Nothing like soccer practice at noon on a sunny fall day to fry you and your poor kid to a crisp! My favorite product in their line for me is the tinted sunscreen. I can grab this instead of foundation on a weekend morning when we are off to a sunny hayride or fall fest at school.

Don’t let the cooler days and back to school season fool you. Even if you are not a Cali Girl, and not a surfer, you need to think like one. Protect yourself and your kids from the elements all year long!

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