Here’s another nifty product that I picked up at the ABC kids show in September and have not gone a day without using ever since…
Baby Human spoons teach baby self feeding skills at an early age. Because they are curved and two sided, they work for both lefties and righties. My baby loves to teeth and chew on the soft silicone and I love that the shape of this two headed spoon is gag-less. I would never hand him a regular baby spoon to chew on at 7 months as I know he’d be likely to injure himself, or at least gag himself with that spoon!
Leo really adores to try and feed himself, even at this early age. Which is why it’s great to have one of these spoons to hand him while I am feeding him. He gets busy trying to use his, while I continue feeding him with another one. Good thing the spoons are sold in packs of two. It may seem silly to rave over a spoon, but in all my years of feeding babies, this one is the most versatile and ingenious. And often it is the little things!


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