“Lets play the pizza game!” That’s what my 3 year old says, everytime we get in the car since I introduced him to NAMiTS: The Game of Think. More than just a pizza game, NAMiTS is a stack of 22 to 24 cards on a ring. Each card offers several conversation starters, thinking challenges or brainstorming topics. Around 165 categories in each stack. That equates to 165 ways to combat boredom.
We’ve rarely gotten past the first card: “Name different types of ____.” Under this topic are several choices to fill in the blank. The first one we tried, of course, is pizza. When we first used the game, we started simple: “Pepperoni!” “Mushroom!” “Veggie!” But then we started getting silly. Never heard of “banana and ice cream pizza”? Neither had I, until NAMiTS. Also on the card is “tools.” Answering this question, we started with hammer, nail, screwdriver. Upon entering the doctor’s office, and bringing our NAMiTS with us, we extended it to Doctor’s tools. (Doctors have tools? They sure do!) And with more than 160 categories to go, I know we’ll be getting creative thinking of a many other answers.
NAMiTS is great for travel, quick trips, and doctor visits. Basically, anywhere that you are going to need to wait. Its a time filler and it can provide hours of discussion time. In fact, if I were still teaching, NAMiTS would be sitting out on my desk and picked up every day. The game makes you think. It makes you discover. And it makes you discuss.
With 4 decks to chose from: Travel, Original, Junior and Challenge, I recommend buying several. Tie one onto a birthday present. Keep one in your car, one in your house (maybe by the dinner table for those long meals). Make games and stories from the deck. Be competitve, make lists, take turns. After the kids go to bed, the adults can change the pace and play! Most important, open up the conversation and have fun!
Created by a mom, the NAMiTS cards are printed on durable, waterproof material and kept together with a cable ring. Clipped to a backpack, your kids can even play on the school bus.
Through September 1, 2007, order 3 or more, and get a deck of Travel NAMiTS for free. After placing your order, just send an e-mail to info@namits.com . Mention your order and that you learned about NAMiTZ on MWS. Your order will also qualify for free shipping. Its a great gift. At only $9.95 per deck, you’ll be topping off birthday gifts all summer.
Start playing: “Name things that have a … button!”

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