picture-12 I have a problem with commitment. Especially where my clothing is concerned. I wring my hands over what to buy and tend to spend the most on versatile pieces. So I dread making the big decision when I get a new pair of jeans: Heels or flats? Jeans are expensive! Why should I have to choose? 

Good news is I don’t have to. A clever woman has come up with the solution. Zakkerz are magnetic fabric pants-holders that keep your jeans (or other pants) perfectly cuffed when you want to wear flats. Lose them when you need the extra length. 

It’s simple and it’s brilliant. Every mom needs a pair or three of these. Extend your wardrobe without overextending your budget. No surprise that I discovered these clever devices at a store dedicated to clever items for busy moms. Pick up a pair of Zakkers for yourself at the Clevermom.me shop.

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