You may or may not have seen this on Facebook lately: Facebook is going through some changes and none of them are good for a website owner like myself who has a great Facebook fan page with over 7,000 people liking my page (love you guys! Thank you!).

Unfortunately, it’s becoming the norm that pretty much no one except my Mom sees my posts when I put them up.

Check this screen shot out – this was last week.  7,200+ people like Mommies with Style on Facebook and 50 people saw this post.  Only one person liked it (and like I said, it’s my Mom)!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.02.52 AM

This isn’t strange for most pages on Facebook these days.  Last month, published this piece: The Free-Marketing Gravy Train is Over on Facebook.  Here’s an except from that article that explains it somewhat:

“Facebook attributes this change to increased competition as more people and companies join its service. The typical user is inundated with 1,500 posts per day from friends and Pages, and Facebook picks 300 to present in the News Feed. Getting squeezed out are both posts from Pages and meme photos as Facebook shifts its focus to what it deems “high quality” content.”

Hey, I get it.  It’s too much.  There’s so much going on when you log onto Facebook.   And for the guys running Facebook, this is a business like any other.  They want to make money so as a small business owner, my options are get lost in the shuffle or start paying to “Boost my Posts,” i.e., pay to get more people who “like” me actually seeing what I have posted.

Except even Boosting a Post those don’t seem to do that much – I can pay $50+ to boost a post to a few hundred more people but does that really convert to anything?  It’s not really proving to do much in terms of interaction of users and getting traffic back to anyone’s site.

But I really want for you guys to want to see my posts!  I want you to want to see my posts!

So, after seeing a couple of other people do this over the past few days, I’ve been going through this process myself of changing my settings for the blog posts I really want to see.  I’ve done it for a few blogs and obviously I’ve done it for Mommies with Style and would love for you to do it too.  It’s really easy!  But making a few SIMPLE clicks you can see my posts again.

Start by visiting Mommies with Style page and liking me if you haven’t yet!  Under where you have liked me, there is a drop down and you can select “Get Notifications,” this means you will see my posts.  See here:


And if you want to get really crazy, you can also create Interest Lists.  I actually hadn’t done this until this post and it’s kind of neat for sifting through and making sure you get the posts you really want to see from all of your favorite blogs.  You can do it by selecting the drop down for “Add to Interest Lists“:


I’ve created my own list called “Blogs” where I added all my fav peeps and this way I can have everyone’s post in one spot like I would in a feed reader.  Pretty nifty and I’m happy at least still have a tiny bit of control over what’s going on over on Facebook.

So there you have it.  It’s not ideal but it helps.  Facebook is changing and it’s not going back to the old ways ever so like every other online service, we have to evolve to the latest.


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