tailwags1 Getting kids to wear a helmet when biking, skating, scootering etc can be a stuggle. It’s not negotiable around here. One thing that helps? Allowing our kids to “decorate” their helmets with a fun cover.

I love the selection of helmet covers from Tail Wags. These fleece covers simply slip onto a helmet, transforming boring safety measures into fun dress up time. I also think that Tail Wags Helmet covers might even be a great idea for Halloween. Just think how many more houses you could hit up for candy if you rode your bikes!

If helmets are an argument for you, if you want to dress up a secondhand or themed helmet that your child is less than thrilled about, and if you just love to make your neighbors smile, check out this line.


  1. Those are really cute!

  2. I bought some of these for my kids at a website called http://www.helmetzoo.com. They have a 10% off sale going right now. Just use the code Winter when you go to check out. My kids love them!

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