I’ve really gotten into this week’s MWS assignment: Green Week. In doing so, I’ve gone beyond just reviewing products and stores… I’ve found myself researching new ways that my family can become more green. One area that I’m planning to incorporate is through Earth-friendly clothing. So, those of you expecting babies, you may not be surprised when I gift you clothing made of soybean fiber, from Baby Soy.
Soybean fiber is a sustainable textile fiber made from renewable natural resources. In producing soybean fibers, waste is turned into useful products (in this case, fibers used in the fabrics.) In creating soybean fiber, there is no extra burden on the earth. Basically, its like recycled paper… waste is turned into something rich that can be used again and again… therefore greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

The really good news: while you’re helping Mother Nature by purchasing clothing made of soybean fibers, if you’re shopping at Baby Soy, you’re introducing others to a product that not only is healthy for the environment, but it looks adorable. So, at very practical prices, you can pass on a great resource that people are happy to share with others. Spend $100 and get free shipping.

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