Going from preschool drop off in the suburbs to a celeb studded event in the city can be a bit of a fashion conundrum for me. Pulling off a polished look with a toddler and baby in tow and keeping everyone convinced that I am a fashionista is a daunting task (those who saw me in Starbucks in my sweats every morning last week feel free to wipe the coffee from your spit take off the screen now).
In my quest to remain fashionable I have my go-to accessories. Bags, shoes and now a gorgeous silk sling from Sakura Bloom. It is so gorgeous in fact that I have been stopped multiple times by actual celebrities at said events and quizzed for the details.
All of that would be flattering but useless to me as a pair of Louboutin stillettos (love em but can’t wear them while chasing kids) if the sling was not comfortable use. But it really is! I can, and have, walked around for hours with this one.
If you’re like me you allow yourself a budget for accessories that allows for the occasional splurge on an few special items that will give you great use and great style for an extended period of time. This sling is that item. Carry your baby, look and feel great, make celebs jealous… what more do you want?
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