I most certainly had never thought of a video camera as a fashion accessory until I saw one of the high definition ones from the Luxe Collection by DXG.

This High-Definition Video Camera (DXG-533V HD) records 720p HD video, comes with a 3-inch tilt screen and an oh-so-pretty carrying case.

And yes, I know you shouldn’t select your video camera based on look but I say it’s nice to have as an added perk if it’s already a qualilty product! (Hence the fact that I also use a pink laptop from Sony)

The price is pretty too – at $149.99 you’re getting a camcorder with the following specs:
-HD video
-takes still photos, up to 8MP for resolution
-a 3″ screen
-an easy way to connect and upload to your PC with their USB interface (or upload straight to YouTube to share with friends and family)

It’s early but love this for a holiday gift for a girly Mom or sibling. Check it out at DXG’s website today.


  1. I saw this camcorder or one similar,would love to have one.

  2. Excuse what I said before what I meant to say was I saw one similar on a home shopping show. wanted one then and want one now.

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