Il_430xn_22963402As moms know, putting on or removing a jacket from a squirming or sleeping baby isn’t easy. I can easily get baby Allegra in and out of a infant car seat and into a baby carrier without waking her up. -Removing her jacket is another story – she usually wakes up screaming even if I am careful.  I needed a better solution.  Mom Lauren Drury of e2 Designs sent me a custom poncho that solved this problem. Lauren hand-makes gorgeous ponchos and booties (she’ll even custom make them for you).

Il_430xn_23099776_2Lauren told me, via email, "My store, e2designs, is named after my daughter, Ella Elizabeth (e2!) whose passionate hatred of the "infant carrier" created a need for a jacket that didn’t take 20 min to get on and off! Our solution – the poncho. …These updated, stylish looks are all the rage with the 14 and under set (and some VERY hip mamas!) . These versatile garments can also double as a blanket or nursing cover and are perfect for babywearing."

Lauren made Allegra a beautiful poncho with chocolate brown fleece with pink trim (since I am nuts about the chocolate/pink combo). I picked the color (it is so soft) and she picked perfect coordinating trims. Lauren sewed a pink and white mini flower trim around the hood and the middle of the poncho, and a dusky pink fringe on the bottom. I loved it because it was retro (the fringe on the bottom reminded me of the knit ponchos we sported in the late 70’s). This cute (and well made) poncho will take us from windy days of April, to cool summer nights, right until the cold days of fall. And I can attest, this poncho is already great for babywearing. Allegra looks like little Red Riding Hood (albeit in chocolate brown)!

Choose from several styles of ponchos for sale or work with Lauren to design a custom one. Available fabrics are fleece, brocade, solarveil (lightweight UPF sun protection and dries super fast) or terry cloth. Linen or cotton may be available.  Trim options are flexible. Lauren made my custom poncho so quickly and I had it within a week.   Prices range from $28 to $60 (depending on material and if the poncho is double layered).  I also really liked her Brown Brocade Poncho ($48) -pictured at the top of the review, which you can get unlined or lined with fleece (for an additional cost).  Ponchos aren’t just for girls, baby boys can sport them too – check out the definitely masculine Blue Terry Poncho with Retro Planes trim ($34.95).   


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