It’s been nothing but cold and winter blues here in Philly recently and lots of indoor time. So I know most of you are there with me (except those of you in Florida and the California girls who were rubbing it on our faces about going to the beach earlier this week – you know who you are!) and we’ve had to do a lot more TV watching than normally. Thankfully, there’ve been a couple of new releases recently to keep us occupied including:
Snow Buddies, which is just an adorable movie about a team of sled dogs made up mostly of golden retriever puppies. Released earlier this week. $19.99 on Amazon.
A Special Edition release of the Aristocats, which I remember watching myself as a child. Nate (4) loves it. We’re cat people here so that helps but I love that sometimes an old classic can still entertain. Released earlier this week. $16.99 on Amazon
Barney Celebrating Around the World, this one got a bad review from one person on Amazon but we think it’s just fine here. Barney drives me nuts but Cole (15 months) just loves him. Released last week. $12.99 on Amazon.
Caillou Family Favorites, a compilation of four Caillou episodes – this one is a good one to have on the road if you have a child who’s a fan of the show, releasing February 26, 2008. $11.19 with a pre-order off Amazon.
Bob the Builder On Site, released last week, $12.99 on Amazon.

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