EVERY DAY, Americans add over 30 billion plastic water bottles to landfills. Are you one of those Americans? How many did you add to the pile last week?
Help reduce plastics by purchasing reusable bottles by SIGG. You can read my December review here. SIGG bottles are available at MySIGG and at Amazon, as well as a number of other boutiques.
SIGG is also a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization of businesses who donate 1% of their sales to the natural environment.
This week, you can win a pair of Mommy and Child SIGG bottles. Visit our message boards and tell us what you and your family will do to help the Earth. Make sure you respond in this thread and enter your comment by Friday, April 27, midnight EST. Over the weekend we’ll randomly select our winners who will be contacted by e-mail.

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