Like most moms, I take a ton of pictures of my kids. One of my worst fears is that my computer will crash and I will lose them all. And if I backup my computer, how do I know that I am doing it correctly and often enough?
Well, the Picture Keeper is a really neat little product that quickly and easily safeguards your photos without installing any software or doing anything technical and difficult. A combination of a USB flash memory drive with embedded software and compatible with both Windows and Mac, each Picture Keeper can store either 4,000 (4GB) or 8,000 (8GB) photos (depending on the Picture Keeper you purchase).
Wonder how it works? Simply plug Picture Keeper into any USB port, click OK/Start Backup and then Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves all of your pictures. There is no software to install or to configure and no confusing “wizards” to click through! It is so simple to use, allows you to relax and know that your priceless digital pictures are safe against the potential hard drive failure or computer crash. Feel free to watch this video to learn more about the Picture Keeper, too.
Want a chance to win one for you, and one for Mom? We are happy to giveaway TWO 8GB Picture Keeper (that’s 8,000 photos you can store and not worry about losing anymore, and one for your mom or friend!!) To enter, please leave a comment below telling us what favorite pictures you would store on the Picture Keeper, or how/why you would use this great product. The winner will be chosen on May 8th. For those who don’t win, take $15 off the purchase of the Picture Keeper by using code MWS.

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