Chicken Pot Pie is one of those foods I love but don’t eat very often.  For starters, I’m just not talented enough in the kitchen to make a good chicken pot pie.  Also, it can be fattening.  And lastly, I just didn’t really know of a good brand or place to buy a pot pie.

To be honest, it’s not often that I buy a “frozen meal.”  But I have to say – this Chicken Pot Pie from Marie Callender’s is delicious.  There was not a morsel left and hubby and I were fighting over the last few bites.  And being even more brutally truthful, I have to tell you all, I MICROWAVED this meal.  I had planned on cooking it but we were running late with an afternoon of errands and soccer practice.  I had about 30 minutes to get a meal together, get the kids fed and in the bath.

I really didn’t believe this would be any good, especially microwaved.  But as I said, it was delish.  The topping was still cripsy like it was fresh baked out of the oven.  And my kids were skeptical (“Mom, chicken in a pie sounds gross”) until they realized all the goodies that were inside.  (“Look, there’s broccoli!  And carrots!”)

The Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pies were listed by Yahoo! Shopping in an article titled 8 Grocery Store Products that are Better than Homemade (really).

I received a coupon and compensation for this review from Marie Callender’s and TheMotherhood, however, as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Mom/MomMom says

    yum, yum- not even 8am and I am already mouth watering hungry for chicken pot pie. . . .

  2. I’ve just put the chicken pot pie on my shopping list for tomorrow!!!! You’ve tempted me!!!!

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