It’s pretty much a madhouse around these parts between 3:30-5:30 pm on any given weekday.  Big Brother gets off the bus and has homework to deal with, little brother’s cranky and running around and wanting attention while I help with homework.   Snacks are in demand, kids are thirsty, the cat’s wailing in the background for me to give him some treats.

And there’s dinner.  Which I should be making but am usually not, only to look at the clock at 5:30 and wonder what the heck we’re going to eat.

So when I got the pitch to review some Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbooks, I thought to myself, this could work.   Easy make-ahead recipes, what’s not to love?

I received the Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook, which is full of over 600 crock pot recipes.  Now I have to say, I fail to really see how this cookbook is for Christmas as there are tons of great year-round recipes.

So I flipped through and decided to make an Italian Chicken Chili.  I had some prep to do for the chili, which involved about 30 minutes of my time around 11 am.

So while it was a weekend, I loved not having to rush around in the afternoon and figure out dinner.  And the chili was a hit!  It was easy and good.  I’m definitely planning on trying more recipes from the Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook line, simply for the fact that it makes meal planning so much easier.

I also received the Fix-It and Forget-It Kids Cookbook, which is currently $13.59 on Amazon.  I’m planning on checking out the kids Mac & Cheese in here next.

And check out the Fix-It and Forget-It website too – they have featured recipes (am thinking I may have to try that Mulled Apple Cider soon!) and info on upcoming book releases.

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