Research shows that babies in the womb can begin to hear as early as 20 weeks.  This was an astonishing fact to me, though our baby definitely reacts each time daddy reads to him/her.  With all the craziness that baby must hear each day, it’s nice to have some quiet time for both the baby and me.  I typically pick up a book or a new magazine, but I like to use the opportunity now to share some good music.

bellysonic The Bellysonic stereo speaker pouch is a baby’s first set of headphones and a great way to share a free moment and some good tunes.  I have read several studies claiming that prenatal thought and sleep patterns can be influenced by music.  Some suggest that music helps create a more nurturing and stress-free environment for the baby.  Music is certainly something that I love, so I’m happy to have a simple way to share it with my baby.

The Bellysonic is crafted from soft and lightweight Organic Sherpa cotton fabric and contains 2 removable digital stereo headphone speakers.  For weeks I’ve been strapping the pouch around my belly and slipping my iPod inside.  So far my baby has heard great music from Beethoven to The Dave Matthews Band.  What’s great is that I can also listen to what’s playing to my tummy with the headphone splitter.

Bellysonic can be purchased for $69.95 at .  Enter coupon code MWS20 for an extra 20% off.  Your baby will thank you.

A sample of this product was provided for review on Mommies with Style.

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