Leave it to my bestie Zareen to come up with my new favorite drink. We hung out at her house a week ago and enjoyed the first fire pit of the season. It was just chilly enough when the sun went down that it felt divine to start a fire pit to roast some marshmallows over… and of course enjoy some adult cocktails.


Zareen had bought some Apple cider and heated it up stovetop. We enjoyed it with a liquor I had never heard of before – Tuaca. Have you guys heard of that or tasted it? It’s an Italian liquor that has a vanilla citrus flavor.

Not Your Mom’s Apple Cider, or Apple Cider for Adults
1 part Tuaca
2 parts hot apple cider

Pour the Tuaca in your mug then add the hot apple cider. Stir and enjoy! An added touch is to add a cinnamon stick into the drink. This is the perfect crisp fall evening drink to enjoy with friends.

Stay warm & enjoy!

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