These are the easiest things to make.  I can’t take credit – my friend Stefanie had these at a party we were at last year and I’ve made them a few times since.  As I’m allergic to garlic, I’ve switched it up a bit but I’ll tell you what I use and what you can use.

Prosciutto Breadsticks

3/4 lb of sliced proscuitto from the deli

1/2-1 container of chive & onion cream cheese

1 package of thin Italian breadsticks

So you have to find the breadsticks in the specialty item section in your store.   Take one piece of prosciutto and lay it flat.  Use a knife to spread a small bit of the cream cheese on the prosciutto.   Put the breadstick on top and carefully roll it up.  Yum!

Tip:  definitely try and put the cream cheese on the prosciutto and not the breadstick otherwise the breadstick will break.  You will definitely break a few while getting into the groove but once you get it, this whole thing takes me about 15-10 minutes tops to throw together.

For an alternative to the cream cheese, you can use Alouette Garlic & Herbs cheese spread.


  1. Mom/MomMom says

    what a terrific idea! i will try it,for sure. . .

  2. We only use fresh garlic and never have any reactions or garlic breath. The jarred garlic is terrible.
    Also, roasting garlic before using gives it a sweet flavor. I never use garlic in pesto and there is no difference in flavor.
    These prosciutto goodies look wonderful!!!

  3. Those look delish.

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