Anything that makes getting out and around easier is welcome in our house and the EasyWalker QTRO stroller fits the bill. Though this Dutch designed stroller doesn’t seem to get as much press as some of the other stroller brands out there, this is undoubtedly a stroller you want to add to your list to check out if you’re looking for a sleek, all-terrain stroller that provides incredible maneuvering and great features for baby and parent. [See below on how to win a QTRO of your own!]

The Basics

The QTRO is a 4-wheel, all-terrain stroller. Weighing in at 26.5 lbs, the QTRO is slightly heavier compared to similar strollers though the easy maneuvering makes it unnoticeable when you’re pushing it. Available in five contemporary colors, the QTRO comes standard with an underseat basket, bumper bar, sunshade, and rain shield.  Optional accessories include car seat adapters, parasol, carrycot, foot muff, diaper bag, EasyBoard and others. The stroller can hold up to 60 lbs. but can’t be used from birth unless you buy the car seat adapters or the carrycot, either of which is a good investment to make the most of this stroller.

The Features

The EasyWalker QTRO has a number of convenient features for parent and baby.

Adjustable 5-point harness & Super soft harness covers: The shoulder straps have three height positions and are covered in soft material to prevent chaffing. I never understood those companies that give you harness covers and then make them out of the same rugged material that they make their stroller out of. Durable, yes. Comfortable, no. The EasyWalker covers feel like they are made out of soft, cuddable fleece. Now if only they had Velcro for easy detachment and washing without rethreading.

Adjustable foot plate: The Footplate is made out of aluminum like the frame of the stroller which means it’s easy to clean dirty foot prints off of. Plus it adjusts to three different positions with the easy press of a button on the underside making it a breeze to find your rider’s favorite foot position.

Seat recline: The QTRO has four positions of seat recline and uses a system I haven’t seen on any other strollers and am not sure I totally love. The back sides of the seat each have a clasp and a set of zippers. Unclasp to get your first recline position. Unzip one set of zippers to recline again, and the final set of zippers to get nearly flat. The zippers have bright orange pull-tabs which make them easy to see and grab, and the procedure did get easier with practice. I’m just not sure it’s as convenient as some other systems.

Bumper bar: I’ve found the bumper bar is a great accessory for my kids to prop up a book their looking at while we stroll or would be great to attach toys, cups or bottles on to. The bar is simple to install and can be opened from one side so kids can easily get in and out of the stroller.

Adjustable handlebar: My husband’s favorite feature. Seems like stroller handles are never quite in the right position for him. Flip open the tab on either side of the handlebar and then adjust it up or down to any of its nine positions.

Canopy with integrated UV screen: Good canopies rank high on my list of key stroller features. The QTRO canopy on it’s own is decent, BUT it has this cool integrated UV screen than comes down to provide an additional 10 inches (!) of sun coverage. The screen has a UV protection factor of 10, is made of a see-through mesh so your child’s vision isn’t completely blocked and it can be tucked up and secured inside the canopy when not needed. The canopy also has a good-sized peekaboo window as well as full coverage on the back so that that the seat is full enclosed when reclined.

Storage basket: The underseat storage basket is decently sized and could hold a normal-sized diaper bag or from my experience two gallons of milk, a bunch of bananas and loaf of bread.

Parent storage: In addition to the underseat basket, the QTRO has a PDA-sized, zippered pocket on the back of the seat, a larger, snap-closure pocket and then inside that, an elastic mesh pocket.

Incredible maneuvering: For me, strollers really come down to how they maneuver. Features, comfort, style, price to me, nothing matters as much as how it rolls. I mean, isn’t this the main point of a stroller? The QTRO steers like a dream. Definitely can be a one-handed job (hello free coffee hand!) which is made easier by the locked or swiveling front wheels, the adjustable handlebar and the front and rear wheel suspension.

The Fold

The QTRO fold is pretty simple and easy to do. Flip open the red safety catch and then squeeze the unlocking handles on either side as you fold the stroller in half. The frame does lock shut though it’s not free-standing nor does it have a carry handle. Still you can pick it up from its fold point and get it in a trunk. Or store it easily with BuggUp also available by EasyWalker.

The Ride

A stroller can have bells and whistles galore, but if it’s a pain to maneuver, what good is it? As I mentioned above, the QTRO is dreamy to push. The four wheels twist and turn with ease and handle shopping market errands as easily as they do parks and promenades. Plus, the all-wheel suspension keeps the ride smooth.


Fallen in love with the QTRO yet? Then win one of your own with this exclusive MWS & EasyWalker giveaway! Here’s how you enter:
Step 1: Go to the EasyWalker Facebook page and become a fan. (And while you’re at it, if you’re not already a fan of MWS yet, join us!)

Step 2: Visit the Easywalker site and figure out which QTRO color is your favorite.

Step 3: Come back here to this MWS post and leave us a comment telling us that you “friended” EasyWalker and which color QTRO you’d love to sport this spring.
We’ll randomly choose a winner from comments below of people who have also become fans of EasyWalker. Contest ends Friday, April 16th at midnight. Winner must reside in the U.S. and have a valid entry. Good luck!

[Disclaimer: EasyWalker provided a sample of the QTRO for this review.]


  1. Awesome giveaway! I friended EasyWalker and would love the red QTRO 🙂

  2. This looks like a great stroller! I became a fan of EasyWalker and would love the silver!

  3. i love the red QTRO, it is gorgeous!
    I am a fan of easywalker and MWS on FB

  4. Okay, I am now officially a fan of QTRO and MWS! My fave is the silver, so chic!!!

  5. I became a fan of Easywalker with my Facebook name Mary Happymommy. I like the aqua color.

  6. Stephanie A says

    I’m a fan of Easywalker on Facebook. I would love love love to sport the black QTRO!

  7. I became a fan of Easywalker! THis stroller looks awesome, especially the aqua, how fun! The Buggup looks great too!

  8. I became a fan of Easywalker! How does one choose a color? I love the red QTRO, but the black is nice also.

  9. I friended Easywalker on FB and I’d LOVE the brown!

  10. gina campbell says

    love it..friended it and love aqua!

  11. I became a fan of Easywalker! I love the red one 🙂

  12. Jennifer S. says

    I am a friend of MWS and EasyWalker on Facebook. I realy like the Red QTRO. What a great looking stroller. Love how it folds. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. I am a friend of MWS AND EasyWalker on Facebook. I would take a Qtro in any color you would be willing to let me win!! We are due with our 3rd and final child and could really use a new stroller! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  14. Melissa Brown says

    I became a fan of EasyWalker on FB and LOVE the red one and my baby girl would too!

  15. I friendrd QTRO and love the silver! Great stroller!

  16. Friended and aqua by far!!! Sooo exciting!

  17. Already was a fan of MWS, of course, but am now officially a fan of Easywalker…. I like the Aqua color!

  18. I friended EasyWalker and the strollers look wonderful! I really like the red one!

  19. Cindy Sherritt says

    Basic black for me! Already a MWS friend and now an EasyWalker Facebook friend. This stroller looks very easy to use – lots of features. I keep my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson everyday and this would make trips to the park with him much easier for me.
    Great giveaway and good luck to all who enter!

  20. I friended EasyWalker! I am just under 5 feet tall and would love to have a stroller with an adjustable handlebar! I really like the brown QTRO!

  21. Friended on FB and I love the brown QTRO!

  22. Great giveaway! I friended EasyWalker and I would love the brown QTRO! It looks so easy to use and looks like a breeze to fold.

  23. I friended EasyWalker and I love the Brown QTRO!

  24. I friended EasyWalker and I love the RED QTRO!

  25. I friended EasyWalker and I would choose black.

  26. I became a fan of EasyWalker on FB and I would choose the red QTRO.

  27. I just friended QTRO and love the red color!

  28. The red QTRO would stand out in rainy Seattle!

  29. Alycia Merritt says

    I just friended EasyWalker, what a great and stylish little stroller! Love the Red! 🙂

  30. I friended easywalker and would pick the red QTRO….or the brown 😀

  31. I’m now a fan! the black one looks awesome!! Love it

  32. I friended EasyWalker and love the brown QTRO!!

  33. I became a fan and I love the Aqua, black and red. I can’t decide!

  34. I just friended EasyWalker. Love the Red

  35. I’m a fan especially since they’re the US distributors of the flexi bath!! I love the silver QTRO but knowing my kids it would be black in one day so I think I would stick with the black.

  36. i just became a fan! and i just LOVE the red!!! (but i’d probably buy black to be more practical 😉

  37. I friended Easy Walker on Facebook.

    This stroller looks SO COOL, but choosing a color is tough! I think I’d go with the black, for sleekness sake!

    Thanks so much!

  38. I just became a fan and visited the site — I LOVE the aqua!

  39. I would love to sport the aqua color ( I think it would still work for girls) 😉
    I friended easy walker and MWS.

  40. I am a fan and love it in black!

  41. I am a fan of both these and loved the brown color!

  42. friended and lime is my choice. Looks like it will survive a tornado!

  43. I love this strolly and happen to need a new. I love the red (but of course red is my fave color).

  44. I became a fan of Easy Walker and I love the brown color!! 🙂

  45. Amanda Johnson says

    I friended Easy Walker and I would love the aqua QTRO- its a great color that would work for boys and girls, I have never even heard of this stroller so thanks for the info 🙂

  46. I ‘m a fan of Easywalker on FB and I would love to have the silver QTRO.

  47. I just friended Easy Walker on Facebook and I love the silver QTRO stroller. Very classic!

  48. I am a fan Easy Walker (& MWS) on Facebook and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brown QTRO….OMG, this stroller is fantastic…I am very envious of my girlfriend’s 🙂

  49. Leah Schneider says

    I would love a silver QTRO! I am a fan on FB too.

  50. Caroline Ritter says

    I Love this stroller, so cute and folds so well!!! I became a fan of you, easy walker, and love all of the colors- probably red.

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