Keep them on-the-restaurant-seat and not running-around with the On-the-Go Placemat Activity Set.
This set’s made for trips out to dinner. How many times have we all been out to dinner at a restaurant trying to make the salt and pepper shaker appear entertaining? I’ve definitely been there done that and although I always have a goal of bringing along some sort of goal or means of entertaining my kids, it doesn’t always happen.
The On-the-Go Activity Set comes in a nifty little plastic carry tote. Inside, you’ll find a set of 4 crayons and a stack of activity papers to keep your kids amused. Games like Tic-Tac-Toe and pages to color are just examples of some of the things included inside. It’s basically a booklet full of what you’d find on the back of a kids’ menu. (Which is nice – because everyone knows that those kids’ menu games are good for about 5 minutes before they move onto looking for something else)
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