Recently, my son’s preschool sent a note home about preferring no open-toed shoes. With the warm weather, I was of course one of the Moms who was sending her child in open toed sandals. I was further told that closed toe sandals were okay.
So on days it’s too hot to go in sneakers, I’ve been putting him in this new pair of closed toe shoes from Ecco. They come in blue, dark brown and light brown – we have them in the dark brown. They are nice and sturdy and he loves them.
Also another Ecco discovery are these blue sneakers. They actually remind me of a pair of soccer sneakers (or Sambas) in their shape. In fact, he’s been wearing these to his 3 year old soccer class and he loves them – he calls them his “soccer sneaks,” and insists on wearing them for a lot of his sports classes now.
Anyway, check them out on the Ecco site. You can find a list of the online shops here or do a search for a local retailer. They have them at Nordstorms.

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