This is pretty nifty. Planning one of your kid’s birthday parties? Check outECHOage.
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ECHOagestreamlines party hosting and gift giving. It’s Evite Meets Your Bridal Registry Meets Doing Good with a cool Charity component.To start,ECHOageoffers a range of trendy e-invites for birthdays, baby & bridal showers and other events. Along with the invite, you can create a gift registry – list what your kids would really like to get for their birthday and guests can contribute to the gifts picked by the party host or can contribute collectively to buy a bigger gift.
I love this – if you’re like me, you’re always texting the Mom of the guest-to-be asking, “what does he want?” With ECHOage, all that guesswork is eliminated.As the hostess, you can of course easily track and manage your RSVPs.But here’s the best piece: there’s a charitable part. 50% of what your guests are donating towards gifts goes towards charity.

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Which is pretty awesome. Since it’s launch in 2008, ECHOage has raised nearly $4 million for charities.To date, ECHOage has partnered with more than 300 charities, and plans on adding more throughout 2015.

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