As my kids get older, I only grow to appreciate the simple toys that exist on today’s market for kids.  If I ever had another baby, I think I would keep it as simple as possible with eco-friendly toys with no bells & whistles like those from Haba Toys.

I recently received a few samples for two different age groups – the first was this HABA Clutching Toy:

It’s made out of organically farmed maple wood and is for ages 6months+.

But what I was really interested to check out was this HABA Basic Pack of Dominos. It’s for ages 3-10 years and we recently brought this set up to my in-laws cabin in the woods in the Adriondacks.  We try hard to shut down from electronics when we’re up there and my kids sat and played with this domino set for hours!

Love it, right?  I love the spin on the traditional domino set too in that the blocks are different colors.  So check out the HABA store locator to see where you can find HABA toys locally.  Did a quick search on my zip and saw they have them right at my local Barnes & Noble!

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