Screen Printed Wallet from Greenheart

This fair trade wallet was produced by disadvantaged people working in a cooperative in Cambodia

Greenheart is a cool store and organization out of Chicago that sells both eco-friendly and all fair trade products.  They’re a non-profit that sells all sorts of goodies like handbags, jewelry, clothes, organic clothes and more.  By shopping Greenheart, you support sustainable and fair business practices.

I checked out this wallet, which was made in Cambodia.  I love it – it’s a nice size and fits everything I need.  And they sell tons of other really neat items. Like this skirt. (hint hint, hubby)  And some kids’ products like SIGG water bottles, books, fabric puppets and more.

Visit Greenheart to see all of the great items they sell and to support a really great organization.

Hey Whitney, what does fair trade mean?  From the Greenheart site:

— Producers receive fair wages for their goods and labor
— Working conditions are safe
— Producers and wholesalers develop long-standing relationships
— Producers have access to credit and technical assistance
— Environmentally friendly practices are encouraged
— Equal employment opportunities for all
— Practices are completely transparent, accountable and democratic

Greenheart has generously offered to send a wallet to one lucky Mommies with Style winner.  To enter to win, leave a comment and let us know which color is your favorite.  This contest will run until end of day June 3rd.  One winner will be selected after that time.


  1. Definitely the pink!

  2. green – my favorite color

  3. I love the green!

  4. I like the red, but green HAS to be my favorite!!
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway. 🙂

  5. I am totally loving the green!

  6. Oooh, love the green!

  7. The red!!!!

  8. the red!

  9. Loving the white!

  10. The red one is FANTASTIC!

  11. The green is great!

  12. I like the black one.

  13. Love the pink!

  14. My favorite is pink!! Gotta love the orange contrast color!

  15. I love the red wallet!

  16. Total toss-up between the green and black! They’re both gorgeous!

  17. I like the black one

  18. I love the green!!

  19. Lovely wallet for a great cause! I really like the red wallet!
    Thanks, Cindi


    I love the pink! So fun!

  21. My Favorite is the Red – great wallet!

  22. Amanda Dickerson says

    I love the green! I love green and I am superstitous enough to believe that when you carry a green wallet, you will attract money and always have enough for what you need!

  23. Christine says

    Red red red red red!

  24. I love the green!

  25. I love the green!

  26. The green is beautiful

  27. kellygrl says

    i love the green and the red. hard to choose but i guess the green.

  28. I LOVE the green one!

  29. love them all! but if i had to pick, green 🙂

  30. Janice Phillips says

    I love the pink wallet! 🙂

  31. I just love the black!

  32. i love the green wallet

  33. I love the Red one!

  34. I love the black wallet.

  35. The orange and pink is my favorite! So happy!

  36. Think PINK!

  37. Red absolutely! It is the new black 🙂

  38. Jennifer says

    ooo – tough choice; love the pink and also the green – maybe pink first.

  39. Stephanie says

    The green is my favorite!

  40. I love the green!! Can’t wait to try one.

  41. The black one is my fav!

  42. love the pink!

  43. Normally I like everything in black the best, but I really like this green!

  44. Pink!!!

  45. Hands down the green is elegant, vibrant, and unique. Thanks!

  46. Erin Nay says

    Love, love the bright pink and orange! My favorite color combo. So cheerful and fun!

  47. Red!

  48. Love the green!

  49. I love the black one!

  50. I love the red wallet!

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