ShiShuBaby.jpgJen and I both now have 17 month old sons and have recently starting using blankets in their cribs for both warmth and comfort. We both recently got the chance to try a new line of blankets, Shi Shu Baby Blankets. These beautiful hand-woven blankets are made with 100% natural fibers including Bamboo and Cotton with the trim made of 100% bamboo sateen. The blankets are ultra-soft and silky and our boys love to touch and feel them. (We do too!)
We both love that the blankets are all natural but still look and feel amazing! Additionally, they are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial since they are made from natural Bamboo fibers (made from the pulp of bamboo grass). And because each blanket is hand-woven they breathe more than a traditional blanket.
Not ready to give your child a blanket in the crib? Check out the Baby Snugglers which are a great “lovey” size at 16”x16”. If your child is ready for a larger size blanket in their bed or crib, the 30”x40” blanket is the perfect choice. Available in pink, blue, celedon and lemon they also make a fabulous gift for a new baby or an expectant Mom!
Use code “MOMSTYLE” to save 15% off of your purchase.

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