word_chase.jpg I’ve got a new favorite site to shop for all my educational games. It’s called Learning is an Art. This site not only has an amazing assortment of educational (and FUN!) games and toys for kids, it has a cause. 100% of their profits, after taxes and expenses, goes to charities that make a difference in children’s lives. That is a site you can feel good about shopping from!
We tried out a bunch of their games, including Word Chase which my son loved. This game helps children learn the most common sight words, in lower case letters, which is the way that they will see them the most. As a blooming reader, this was right up his alley. My eleven year old daughter brought Hail to the Chief to school to share with her class. Her Canadian teacher in particular, was impressed with how this game made learning about the US electoral system fun for all the students. And finally my husband and I had a blast playing Jabber Jot. This game gives you random story elements from which to construct a humorous tale – in about a minute. The funniest story wins the round. It’s a game that would be great to play with adult family members at a holiday gathering. One other product that they sell – the Multiplication Rap DVD – was completely responsible for finally making it easy for my dyslexic daughter to learn her times tables.
JabberJotBox.jpg Learning is an Art embraces the philosophy that kids learn best when they are doing something fun, especially with family. Playing games is a natural and effective hands on way to teach that is especially effective for kinesthetic learners. And we all know we remember things better when we enjoy them. The games from Learning is an Art have all been carefully chosen by educational experts. You won’t find a dud amongst them. I’ve bookmarked this site for future use. I know I will be shopping there again and again over the years!

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