fairytale For the past 3 years, usually around the holiday time, my daughter has received (and I’ve reviewed) a new eeBoo game. She has quite a collection and loves playing each one! So, it was no surprise when she received eeBoo’s newest game, the Fairytale Spinner Game, that she was super excited!

The Fairytale Spinner Game is fabulous! The game is for 2-4 players and is for ages 5 years and up. The players must start by spinning and landing on the fairytale place spot before any other story elements may be collected.  Then they may select from 1 of 4 fairytale places (game boards). As the players continue to spin, they must land on and collect 6 different items they need for a story (choose 1 of 4 from each of the following categories: Hero, Rival, Helper, Magical Object, Means of transport, and Treasure) to create their very own fairytale. Once they have collected the 6 pieces, that player wins and must use their imagination to create and tell their very own story to include their pieces and their fairytale themed board. My daughter and I have so much fun making up fairytales!

I love that the game gets her to use her imagination and she loves making up all sorts of fairytales! eeBoo is about producing beautiful, useful and well-made products for children. Using only the original art of well-known and well-loved children’s book illustrators, they create vibrantly original toys and gifts that hopefully children will affectionately remember. Check out eeBoo’s award winning, artistic games, gifts and more!

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