Looking for some fun electronic gizmos and gadgets for your kids this holiday season? Take a peak at a few I had a chance to try out recently. And enter two great giveaways!


For the future world traveler: Does your little one already have the wanderlust itch? Give them the world with the the My World Discovery Map by Discovery Channel Store. This 18″ x 15″ interactive world map includes an airplane that your child “flies” around the world as they learn about the land, animals, people and music of each continent.  There are five different modes your child can choose between including informational modes and quizzes/games. My 3-year old had fun flying around the world and is definitely learning something too. The whole idea of continents kind of blew his mind and last night at dinner, he asked when we could go to Australia to see the kangaroos.   Age: 3+ yrs. / Batteries: 2 AA / Price:$29.99

* COUPON CODE ALERT *: Get 10% off a purchase of the My Discovery World Map at Discovery Channel Store by using MWS code “MAP10” at checkout. Offer valid through 1/31/2010.

For the young reader: Have a toddler who can’t get enough of books? Encourage his love of reading with a Tag Junior from LeapFrog. Using the same technology as their Tag reader for older kids, the Tag Junior is easier for little hands to hold, only has two tag_jr_par44121image350 buttons (on/off and volume) and can be used with the growing library of Tag Junior Books with characters like Dora, Elmo, Curious George, the Backyardigans and Winnie the Pooh. Touch the Tag Junior to the story text and it will read the story to your child. Touch it to an image in the book and the Tag will produce some sound to delight and tickle your child or ask them to find something in the book. Two other cool features about the Tag Junior – download LeapFrog’s free Learning Path and when you hook up the Tag Junior to your computer, Learning Path will let you follow your child’s interest and development by showing you which book your child spends the most time with, which kind of activities hold their interest the most and which character they go back to again and again.  Another cool feature? You can teach the Tag Junior your child’s name so that when they turn it on, it says, “Hello Carly!” Sure to get a grin out of any toddler.  Age: 2-4yrs. / Batteries: 2AAA  / Price: $29.99 (comes with one book) billy_funwheels360

For the future Indy driver: Have a little one who’s barely walking but already in the fast lane? Give your kid some wheels they can drive with Billy Fun Wheels by Chicco. This remote control monster truck is controlled by a steering wheel that your toddler turns left and right to steer the truck out of (or into) trouble. Rubber treads make it safe for indoors, but Billy’s big wheels make him a great outdoor toy too. To add to the fun, Billy Fun Wheels can honk, go in reverse and has headlights to light his way.  Now if only I can get my husband to let my kids play with it…. Age: 2+yrs. / Batteries: 4 x AA and 3 x AAA / Price: $34

* GIVEAWAY! * Want to win your own Billy Fun Wheels? See entry instructions below.

ppbs3-6287895reg For your SuperWHY addict: In our house, SuperWHY reigns supreme. The kids love it and there’s a small chance that I can sing the entire theme song. So it was no surprise when my son did his patented “happy dance” when he saw the SuperWHY Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer by Learning Curve. With this kiddie laptop, your super reader can work along with the SuperWHY characters to solve reading adventures in over 35 different learning games teaching letter recognition and sounds, reading comprehension, rhyming, and word families. Each SuperWHY character has 3-4 different games you can play with them, each with three levels of difficulty so as your child learns, they can keep being challenged. On the downside, the computer only has two volume levels and no headphone jack which is not so super duper. But it’s educational, entertaining and does keep my kids off my computer (my eldest accidentally took a baseball bat to my last laptop screen so I try to keep their distance from any of my electronics). If you’re kids aren’t SuperWHY fans, you’re probably better off which something else, but if they are fans of the show they will be thrilled to help save the day playing many of the same word and letter games from the show. Age: 3+yrs / Batteries: 3AA (included) / Price: $35

* GIVEAWAY!* Want to win your own Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer? See entry instructions below. *

prod6959_4_lg For the jokster: My oldest is not yet four, but he learned to be a ham pretty early. Recently he’s been yucking it up with the Funny Phone Early Listening Game by Learning Resources. This interactive game gets kids laughing, dancing, drawing, singing and acting (and don’t tell them, but it’s secretly teaching listening skills too!). Players dial a number to hear all kinds of challenges like acting like an animal or singing a nursery rhyme in a silly way that will get them (and you) moving and laughing. With over 300 challenges, the variety was endless and we never knew what was coming next! I’m especially looking forward to pulling out the Funny Phone on the next cold, rainy day for some indoor entertainment. Funny Phone is for two or more players, ages four through twelve – though adults young at heart can play too. Parents will also love that the game features an automatic shut-off and adjustable volume.  Age: 4-12 yrs. / Batteries: 3AA (or optional AC adapter) / Price: $35

digital-camera-200x157 For the mini snapper: Most kids that I know over the age of three are enthralled with the idea of a digital camera. See something, press a button and – voila! – image captured! My three-year-old can take 40 pictures over the course of a 20-minutes run my husband takes him on in the stroller. But few parents are willing to pass off their own digital cameras to toddler hands which is why this kid-friendly digital camera by Leapfrog is a perfect holiday present. There are other kid cameras on the market – so why Leapfrog? Leapfrog’s camera is easy to hold, easy to use, protected from drops, has a 1.5″ LCD screen and features 2.1 megapixels (a higher resolution than many competitors) and a built-in flash – both of which help your kids’ pictures actually look good. Added to this are typical Leapfrog touches – encouraging phrases like “great shot!” when you take a picture and easy-to-use photo editing software that lets any photographer turn their pictures into ideal images, silly shots, games or finished products like books and prints. Encourage creativity (and keep your own digital camera safe) this holiday season with the Leapfrog Digital Camera. Ages:4+  / Batteries: 3AAA / Price: $49


*GIVEAWAYS* To enter the giveaway for the SuperWHY Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer or the Chicco Billy FunWheels, leave a comment telling us:

a) the holiday gift you remember being most excited about as a kid, AND

b) which giveaway item your little one would be most excited to receive – the computer or the car.

One entry per person. Entries must be received by Monday 14th, 11:59pm PST.  One winner will be chosen at random for each of the products. Winners must have a US shipping address.

Disclaimer: A sample of each product was provided for the review by each respective company.


  1. The gift I was MOST excited about as a kid….
    It’s a tie between POGO STICK and Rock’em Sock’em Robots!

    I think my kids would be most excited about (i.e., fight over the most) the Billy FunWheels. 🙂

  2. I asked Santa for (and received) a kid’s toy laptop. I LOVED it!!!

    My daughter already loves SuperWHY, so I think she would love the computer.

  3. Great article! My kids are older but I found some great ideas to pass on to my readers and will send them over here! I have always LOVED the LeapFrog products and the interactive map seems like a great gift. Actually, all these are great ideas for fun and learning at the same time. My kids are past the computer stage but I bet even they would love the Billy Fun Wheels.

    Two gifts stand out in my memory, one I was thrilled to receive and the other not so much (at the time). First, was the Velvet doll with the hair you could wind up and make short. Can’t remember but I think she was the sister of the popular Chrissy doll.

    Second, a phone with a new line to share with my older sister. I was a little too young to appreciate at that time and it was not on MY list. But within 6 months, totally appreciated it!

  4. The childhood gift I was most excited about receieving? Cabbage patch kid or Barbie doll house…did not get either one. : )

    My boys would love the Super Duper computer-I have been waiting for this item to come out for years!

  5. I remember being nuts for my cabbage patch doll – Mitch! I think my little man would love the billy fun wheels by Chicco. Might even have to fight his daddy for a turn.

  6. I remember getting excited when I received my first bicycle with a banana seat and white basket decorated with daisies.

    my daughter would love the computer.

  7. As a kid I thought the speak & spell was really cool.

    My kids would most enjoy the Super Why computer.

  8. A) My most favorite gifts as a kid were: Snoopy Sno Cone Machine, Sit and Spin and my Cabbage Patch Doll (which my 3 year old has now inherited!)
    B) My 3 year old boy would LOVE that billy fun wheels by Chicco!!!

  9. As a kid I remember being so excited to see a She-Ra castle under the tree 🙂 My kids would love the billy fun wheels.

  10. a)Fave gift was a rataan baby stroller.
    b)My son would love the SuperWHY Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer!

    Thanks for the chance!

  11. my daughter would love the computer!
    As a kid my favorite toy was the barbie dream house!

  12. My favorite gift as a kid was when I got my ski’s, my sent me on a scavenger hunt around the house. The final clue was – the place where you throw trash and you think Mom does not know, the ski’s ended up being behind the couch.

    My son Cooper is a huge Super Why fan and he has been asking for his own computer.

  13. Ian Heimbigner says

    I remember getting Ninja Turtles the most I loved those things. They just fueled my imagination. I remember building tents out of blankets and building a tiny city underneath for my turtles. My son would love the Billy Fun wheels the most. Thanks for the shot at winning.

  14. I remember most wanting a Cabbage Patch doll, and I was given one of my grandpa’s like new dolls. (yes, grandpa’s!!! Not a typo. My grandpa collects just about anything from collectible toys that stay in their box to coins and watches.)

    My son would love the Chicco Billy!

  15. 1. I remember being most excited about my very first Cabbage Patch Kid doll when I was 5. She had red yarn hair, her name was Sophia, and she came EVERYWHERE with me for years to follow!

    2. My little girl is just like her daddy – so definitely the computer! =)

  16. I remember being SUPER excited about getting a Cabbage Patch doll. Loved her soooooooooooooo much!

    I think my son would love the Billy Funwheels the best – and I’d love to give it to him! Great giveaway!

  17. I have always been fascinated with computers. I want to learn more. Can you guys recommend me any good online webinars about flash or web design in general?

  18. i think the best toy i had was the telephone everytime mums rung so did mine

  19. I think I forgot to put down the truck sorry

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