img_5837 Earlier this month I had the privilege of hosting one of the very first E.L.F. MUAH or “Make Up at Home”  parties. This new program from Eyes Lips Face allows you to see, touch and feel their cosmetics before you order. It’s also a ton of fun.

When was the last time you sat around with your girlfriends and tried on makeup for the sheer fun of it? Went all out for new look inspired by a celebrity or the fashion runways? If you are like me, probably right around your 13th birthday.

Well guess what? Playing with make up is even more fun now that you don’t have to worry about being caught by your mom and told to wash your face!

For my party, I had ten friends come over. ELF supplied a bounty of cosmetics in a range of skin tones for us to play with. The selection included picks from their fabulous mineral line, their studio collection and their classic line. We also go a bunch of their excellent make up brushes so that we could apply the cosmetics like the pros. I had each of my friends bring a picture of a celeb look to replicate, and then the fun began!

My friends and I were all blown away by the quality of the cosmetics. ELF products are almost unbelieveably inexpensive. This is due in part to the fact that they are sold primarily online. Seeing the products firsthand and playing with them was a real eye opener for us all. My favorites include the Mineral Line eyeshadows, Studio Line Eyeliner/Shadow Combos and Nailpolishes.

At the end of the evening my friends got to take home some of their favorite products and a list of what they wanted to order in the future. Even the die hard high end $$$ cosmetic divas were rethinking their ways and excited about saving $ by buying comparable ELF products for pennies on the dollar.

ELF MUAH parties are coming to a town near you. Want to see all the pictures from my party, and how much fun my friends and I had? Check out the Whrrl story we did!

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  1. I am a meduim complection. i would love to host a elf party.

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