Someday he’ll kill me for posting about this but I just have to laugh and tell you all that my 8-year-old has taken to stealing my new pair of Emu boots because they are so comfortable. I recently received a pair of Emu Stinger Lo’s in Black and Nate just LOVES them. He claims they are his new pair of slippers and wears them all over the house because they are indeed so comfortable!

(At least he has the good sense to not wear them out in public. Yet.)

The point is, these boots are totally comfortable and a good style for just about anyone! I plan on reclaiming them when it gets to be cooler air again. Love that you can select your Emu Stinger’s in 11 different colors too. I’m going blue next because that’s just a great color. Get the Emu Stinger for $149.00 with free shipping on

Snuck a pict of my 8-yo wearing my Emus. (And yes, that’s also a blow up machine gun of some kind that he got at a local fair. Gotta love how we roll around here):

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