What have you and your kids done lately to help the environment? Lately, we’ve been reading a fantastic book called “I’m Turning Green” and have been discussing endless ways that we can help the environment as a family. My daughter is now very conscientious about turning off lights when she leaves a room and turning off the water while brushing her teeth. She loves reminding me to do so as well!
imturninggreen.jpgI’m Turning Green,” is a fabulous children’s book that is about the adventure of a little girl who turns green from head to toe and learns that doing her part for the environment really shows! The book will teach your child about becoming more eco-friendly and it provides tips for energy, water and natural resource conservation. Also included on each page are items that your kids can find that can be recycled or composted. We’ve read the book numerous times and my daughter really enjoys learning about different ways she can help the environment.
The Little Environmentalists is a company committed to developing and publishing educational children’s environmental materials to promote environmental awareness, appreciation, knowledge and stewardship.
earthbutton.jpgThe book is printed in the US on 100% recycled paper that is 100% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine free and with environmentally friendly inks. Environmentally friendly printing preserves forests and habitats, keeps toxic chemicals out of the environment and generates fewer greenhouse gasses. It has been estimated that producing a ton of paper using 100% post-consumer copy paper rather then virgin pulp saves about 24 large trees, 4000 kilowatt hours of electricity, 60 pounds of air pollution and 7000 gallons of water. Wow! Doesn’t that make you only want to buy books that are printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly printing? It does for me!
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