Don’t you hate bad hair days? They always happen when you don’t have the time or the patience to fix your hair and you have to be out the door to take your kids to the bus stop or to school. Bad hair days flat out stink! I usually just throw on a hat and head out the door….that is, until I came across The Clever Clip.
cleverclip.jpgThe Clever Clip is a no-nonsense hair clip that holds any type of hair, whether it is thick, thin or curly! Clips and elastic bands can tear at fragile hair follicles, but The Clever Clip’s lightweight patented design causes no hair breakage due to the bendable and non-breakable clip. The Clever Clip can be used for a variety of practical daytime styles or for an elegant, chic formal up-doo! It has been used by hairstylists for bridal styles, by teens creating their own prom and homecoming up dos, children for dance recitals and much more. Think of all the money and time you will save by not going to a professional hairstylist for your next evening affair!!! For moms, the simplicity of The Clever Clip, and almost endless uses, make it a sure, quick solution for styling your hair and your daughter’s!
I tested The Clever Clip on my daughter who has super thin hair and my 14 year old niece who has extremely thick, course hair. I was a little optimistic that it would actually stay in all day in both of their different types of hair. I played with it for hours in my niece’s and daughter’s hair and was astonished at how many different hair styles can be created with it. My niece loved it and was so excited to find something that actually stayed in her hair and in so many different ways. I was even more surprised when it stayed in my daughter’s thin hair all day. It really does work and is super flexible to be able to create a variety of styles.
The Clever Clip also can come with optional add-on handmade tassels called Tattle Tails, which is jewelry for the hair. They can be added to the clip to dangle or wrap around your hair for added sparkle. Each Tattle Tail has a clever name that depicts its personality: The Chakra Tail boasts eight different colors to balance the mind, the Paris offers drama in black and silver and the Isabella contains a whimsical butterfly. The Tattle Tails can hang straight down from The Clever Clip or wrap around the hair.
The Clever Clip is available in three colors, black, bronze and blonde to compliment every hair color. They are available in a package of three so you can have one for home, a purse, work, the gym, the car or anywhere your hair needs a lift. The Clever Clips are made in the USA.
Use code Clevermom at checkout to save 15% off of your purchase and end bad hair days once and for all!

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