We’re no longer a minivan driving family but I certainly appreciate and sometimes miss all the perks that comes with driving one. When our kids were small, having a minivan was invaluable and made life on the road so much easier.

What I miss the most about not driving a minivan: the space. Hands down, having that extra space for the kiddos is a great perk with a minivan and you’ll see below how great the space is in the Pacifica!

I’m constantly amazed each year as car companies come up with better and better options for families in their minivans. If you have little ones and are in the market, here’s an amazing contest and a little bit about the Chrysler Pacifica that’s going to make you want to enter and have you crossing all fingers and toes that you win.


Features on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica:

1. It’s the quietest vehicle in its class – which is much appreciated when you’re a Mom and getting hit with noise from all sorts of places.

2. Stow n Go seating – seats can be folded down and stowed away in the floor easily and quickly when you have something big you need to transport

3. Stow n Vac –An integrated vacuum – score! Anyone who has kids doesn’t need to hear why this is awesome for the many stray Goldfish and Cheerios you’re going to find in your car.

4. Lift Gate –One of my favorite features in my minivan was the lift gate. I always felt sorry for the Moms in the parking lot who had minivans without the power gate in the back. There’s nothing more annoying than coming back to your car with acart full of goodies and kids who are messing around. Not having to find your keys or to open up the trunk is awesome.

5. uConnect Theater Systemtwo 10″ touchscreen that provide integrated kids game Apps, an Are We There Yet trip tracker, wireless streaming, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and Blu-Ray connectivity 6. 8 Passenger Seating

Ummm, OMG! And this is one of those times where I sound 100 and I say, why couldn’t we have had cool products like this when my kids were little! Seriously, built-in touch screens, Bluetooth, USB?!?! It’s dreamy sounding. I also had to laugh a little at the built in Are We There Yet trip tracker. Clever.

7. Hybrid & MPG Efficiency –It’s the world’s first and only Hybrid Minivan with 80MPG. This is huge people. And pretty amazing.

I asked Nate (12) and Cole (9) what they missed the most and what they thought was the coolest about the features in the Pacifica and they were all about the theater system. (Have to admit, the touch screen tablets at 10 inches are pretty sweet for keeping the kiddos entertained – especially when you’re on a long road trip!)

So, besides buying one for yourself, how can you check one out?




Here’s a really adorable video you can check out that has real life families checking out the Pacifica:

The Test Drive Experience
I have two exciting things to tell you about with this post. The first is the Chrysler Pacifica Test Drive Experience. They call them Field Trips and Pacifikids is offering up 3 field trips to 3 lucky families.

To go on the field trip, you need to fill out a permission slip. Cute, right?

Visit the campaign websiteand submit your idea for your family’s field trip. Pacifikids will read every submission and choose their favorite ideas! 3 families will win their field trip experience with the All-New Chrysler Pacifica. This contest is running starting October 10-October 26.

Bonus contest to win a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica:
Vote for your favorite Pacifikids field trip and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free Pacifica! Score!!! Visit the Pacifikids websiteto enter your dream field trip… and eventually enter to win the brand new Pacifica!

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by FCA US, LLC but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. I’ve heard great things about the Pacifica!

  2. Oh, we’ve been a one-car household, and we’re finally in the market for a second vehicle! This looks awesome– definitely will check it out. Thanks!

  3. Ginger Auville says

    I really need a New Vehicle 🚗.. I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. It starting to have problems. I Love ❤ the New Chrysler Pacifica. I really need a new vehicle 🚗.

  4. Looking to upgrade the family van

  5. penny stewart says


    Great fan of this quality of vehicle.
    I would love and desperately need new reliable dependable wheels. I transport precious cargo and it’s great for our grandchildren. Foster kiddies and travel.
    Reliability Is a must and feeling safe and comfortable adds to a great experience. THIS WOULD BE OUR WISH FOR THE NEW YEAR.

  6. I heard great things

  7. I hear great things about the Pacific

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